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My dear readers,

I didn’t want you all to be lost and scratching your head in wonderment of my disappearance if you perhaps didn’t see my last blog post on here telling of my move!

I have moved my happenings over to Tittle & Jot¬†and would so love if you would join me for the adventure in this new avenue! Just click the link above and it will take you to my little corner where you can sign up for email notifications of each post so you won’t be left out of the loop!

If you would rather not, I totally understand and wish you all the very best in your own adventures!

Cheerio for now!

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From Here to There. . .

My dear readers,

I just wanted to give you all the tad tidbit of news that I have hence moved my writerly thoughts and musings to another little place of activity!!!! As a new year has begun, a fresh start was beckoning!

But have no fears! It’s the same me and the same past posts have been recovered and restored to their happy little place on my new blog!
So, without further ado, I am happy to direct you to my new little abode. . .

Tittle & Jot

I sincerely hope you are as smitten with my new namesake as I am!

It has been such a jolly time here at Snapshots and Pen, and I look forward to many more such times at Tittle & Jot!

Happy Regards!

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest.com